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Silly Squeaker - Beer Bottle Dog Toys

Silly Squeaker - Beer Bottle Dog Toys
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The best gift for man's best friend! These fun squeaky toys are made of a custom blend of durable, safe rubber that will surely make them your dog's favorite toys, and yours too!

This beer bottle toy available with 6 different labels: Cataroma, Barks, Heini Sniffin, Drools, Killer Bite, and Mountain Drool.

Are you tired of buying the same old hum-drum rubber squeaky toys? So are we!! No longer does your dog have to suffer with boring squeaky animal shapes or cutesy-tootsy toys that have been around forever. Your dogs need some fun and laughter in their lives too! Silly Squeakers are a line of fun, creative and hilarious rubber squeaky toys that are sure to have everyone talking. We pushed the limits of our imagination to bring you this series of one-of-a-kind toys. They are sure to bring you and your dog tons of fun and laughter. The question is will you or your dog have more fun with them?


The individual bottle is comparable to the size of a 12 oz. bottle. 3"x3"x10"
3" x 3" x 10" The individual bottle is comparable to the size of a 12 oz. bottle.
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