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Heart Dog Slide - Sterling Silver Dog Lover Jewelry

Heart Dog Slide - Sterling Silver Dog Lover Jewelry
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Dog lovers understand what it means if someone asks, “do you have a heart dog”? Heart Dog is your canine soul mate; a dog that captures your heart through a deep, shared and very special connection. It’s a dog you are in tune with. A Heart Dog touches your heart and changes your life for the lessons they teach you and the person you become because of them.  Often a Heart Dog comes into your life during a difficult time or they are there to help you thorough challenges that you never saw coming. Most people agree that you can have more than one heart dog but you cannot plan or seek them out. If you are lucky enough to experience the joy of having a true Heart Dog, you are grateful for that special bond!
Heart Dog is a very truthful design. This piece is captivating with its soft curves. The slide of the pendant makes it very versatile and allows it to hang on any type of necklace you wear it with. Deep down nestled at the bottom of the heart is where you’ll find the paw print which symbolizes the essence of your heart dog… and that is exactly where your heart dog exists, always anchored deep inside your heart. The Heart Dog pendant is surprisingly lightweight and can be worn comfortably as a compliment to any outfit.
  • Recycled Sterling Silver marked .925
  • Pet Jewelry made in the USA
Pendant Size:  1” tall X  1”  wide
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