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A birthday party is the perfect way to show your dog how much you love them! Everyone invited
(pets AND people) are sure to have fun! Here are some tips we hope you find helpful when planning your Pup Party. Start planning your party, and don't forget to have a camera ready on that fun day to capture all the great memories!

Party Dogs


A couple weeks before the party....

Plan the guest list ~ who and how many;

Pick a location ~ at home (indoors or out), at a local dog park, or somewhere special to your dog;

Pick a theme, if you want to have one (theme ideas are listed later);

Pick out decorations and invitations;

Pick some games (ideas listed later) to keep your "guests" occupied during the party, or just have a big bucket of toys ready so guests can help themselves;

What will you feed your guests? We have a wide selection of treats, cakes,  snacks, and beverages!  Don't forget to have some human food & drink available for your 2-legged guests!

A week before the party...

Confirm the guest list;

Make sure you've confirmed the party details ~ transportation to & from (if the party's not at your home), food supplies, and game agenda;

Make your party favor packs for guests.

Day of the party...

Be sure to have a good supply of doggie waste disposal bags on hand (no need to display too obviously);

Make sure everyone knows what food is for the dogs & what food is for the people.
(Although people have been known to sample Dog Lover Gift Baskets' homemade dog treats!);

Make sure you have enough water & water bowls ~
your guests are bound to be thirsty after all those games!;

Parties are fun, but can be overwhelming at times. It might be best to have a "quiet zone" set aside for guests (pups AND people) to escape to for a few moments when needed;

Don't forget to have a camera handy to get those candid moments! You can also have a few disposable cameras lying around for guests to take photos, too;

Now go have fun & enjoy your pup's party! The dogs sure will!!


Butterflies & Bugs Spring Garden Party

Summer Luau Party

Scooby Doo (or Scrappy Doo) Party

Wild West Party

Mardi Gras Party

Moon Doggie Beach Party

"Cinco de Perro" Party

Ruff!-n-Roll Party

Blues Clues Party

Clifford the Big Red Dog Party

Pizza Parlor Party
(Be sure to check out our Pizza for Dogs!) 

Pretty Pup Spa Party
(We have a wide selection of Dog Spa items!) 


Hot Dog Dunk
For each dog, take a hot dog (preferably natural) and cut into 10 pieces. Toss the pieces in a kiddie pool & see how long it takes each dog to fish them out and eat them. Fastest dog wins!

Water Relay Race
Line leashed dogs & their owners up at the starting line. Have the pup owner fill a small cup with water. All teams then race to the "finish line" to dump that water into a bigger cup. Once they've emptied their smaller cup, the teams race back to the starting line to re-fill their cups. Repeat. Do this until the big cup is filled! First team to fill their big cup wins!

Pup Painting
Let your dog guests create their very own masterpieces to take home! You can use our Pup-Casso Paint Kits or try this DIY one:
Mix together corn starch, flour, water & food coloring to desired consistency and color. Put the paint on the dog's paws, put the dogs on large sheets of paper (We recommend placing plastic under that paper to preserve whatever surface they're painting on.) and let the pups go at it!

Pass out a couple frisbees and have your guests throw the frisbees for your 4-legged guests to catch & bring back! We recommend having more than 1 frisbee going at a time, to avoid impatience with all the doggie guests.

Hide & Seek with Toys & Treats
Hide toys or treats around your party area & have your guests track them down ~ this just might keep them busy for hours!

Hide & Seek with People & Pups
Put the dogs in a "Down/Stay" position. Now have the human guests hide! Dogs are sure to have fun looking for their human companions... maybe with a little help from some whispered clues as they search.

Follow the Leader
Set up an obstacle course and havethe dogs take turns following you (or a human guest) through the course.

Photos of some of our Birthday Dogs!!

lilly birthday3.jpg lily's doglovergiftbasket's party table.jpg
lilly birthday2.jpg

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