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Dog Collars & Leads 

Any of these collars for dog would be great for the pickiest of pooches! We have designer pet collars and their matching dogs leashes! So whether you need a dog leash, a dog collar, or both; we have the best options for you. They're both beautiful & functional!

Dog Party Collars, Bandanas, & Tutu's 

Here's a really fun option for you & your collars for parties or just for fun! Instead of a dog outfits or other dog clothes, you can use one of this party collars as collar or tutu for a costumes for dog! Or if you just need a bandana for your dog we have those too!

Pet Lover Jewelry

Not finding that pet related jewelry at your local jewelry store? Then have no fear, we have what you need! We have paw print designs and bone designs in both necklaces and bracelets! We have fine jewelry, gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, all that are just as good and even better then jewelry shops. It's much easier to get your shopping done for online jewelry at our store!

Dog Harnesses & Leads

If you need to go shopping for your dogs harness then take a look here first! We have a great selection of dog harness that would definately fit in the category of dog fashion! These dogs harnesses even have matching dog leads! What could be better then a harness for dog that comes wiht the option to buy the matching dog leash!? While shopping take a look at the specifications that will help you get your dog in harness that fits perfectly and the dog lead to go along with it! 

Dog Tags & Shrinkable Dogs Tags

After shopping for the perfect dog collar you should finish off the fashionable look with one of our dog tags for dog! These tags for dog come in many different types and finishes, which can make sure you get the tag for dog that meets all your needs! If you want to have even more fun we have shrinkable dog tag for dog that are both craft & functional accessory! 

We offer a great selection of quality dog and cat gift baskets and pet accessories.  Our gifts are perfect for any pet.  We have a great selection of pet loss sympathy gifts.  Sometimes it is hard finding a gift full of the things your dog or cat likes, which is why our custom dog and cat gift baskets allows you to customize your pet gifts so that your dog or cat will love it.  We also carry a number of other products like: pet leashes and collars, dog ovner and dog lover gifts, pet feeders and furniture, dog loss sympathy gifts, new puppy baskets, pet birthday baskets and much more.  So, for the best in dog and cat gifts and gift baskets look no further.

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