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At Dog Lover Gift Baskets we have pet gifts, dog gifts, cat gifts, horse gifts, dog and cat collars & leads, pet accessories, dog jewelry & bling, dog themed people jewelry, pet feeders, pet bowls and pet treat jars, pet beds, pet gift baskets, dog lover gifts, cat lover gifts, pet loss sympathy gifts, dog bath & spa gifts, pet holiday gifts, personalized photo gifts, doggie diet bones & treats, pet furniture, pet steps, pet photo contests, newsletters, and much, much more.  Take a look around and enjoy!

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Puppy Pride


It's FREE and it's for your special pet.


Just go to our toys, treats or pet lover gift pages and make up your own unique selection of goodies.
At checkout you will have the option to have all your items gift wrapped for an additional charge.  
You can also specify the occasion and include your own gift message to include with the gift. 

Click HERE for more information, or give us a call at 866.514.2090.  It's that easy!!

Have A Doggie Birthday Party!
Pet Gifts, Birthday Cakes, Birthday Bones, Party Hats & Collars, Pizza for Everyone, Toys, Treats, and More!
Have a dor or pet birthday party.
We have everything you need to celebrate your Best Friend's birthday. 
Whether it's a small simple party, or you decide to invite all Fido's furry friends, we have it all!!

Need some help planning your pup's party?
We've put together an entire page full of party ideas & tips! Just click here!


A Gift Basket for your Dog (and Cat)
or Pet Lover for every occasion.

We have pet gifts, dog gifts, cat gifts, dog and cat collars & leads, pet accessories, dog jewelry & bling, dog themed people jewelry, pet feeders, bowls and treat jars, pet beds, pet gift baskets, dog lover gifts, cat lover gifts, pet loss sympathy gifts, dog bath & spa gifts, pet holiday gifts, personalized photo gifts, doggie diet bones & treats, pet furniture, pet steps, pet photo contests, newsletters, and much, much more.

If you are searching for a meaningful gift basket for a family or friend who cherishes their dog or cat, you've come to the right place!  Our pet and doggie boutique offers only the finest designer products available. Our pet gifts and gift baskets are unique, personalized and of the highest quality. The enormous variety of pet gift baskets, pet accessories, and cat and dog goodies and treats that Dog Lover Gift Baskets offers will have your four-legged friends thinking every day is Christmas.  

Homemade 100% all-natural treats
Our dog & cat treats, dog biscuits, and cat goodies are homemade with 100% all-natural ingredients, and contain no additives or preservatives. We guarantee your satisfaction, and that of your pet!

For Those Sadder Times...

We have one of the largest selections of pet loss sympathy gifts available anywhere. 
Our sympathy gifts are treasured and long-remembered by all that receive them. 


Eternal Paw Prints

Should you or someone close to you have to face the loss of a beloved pet, you may want to visit our sister site - ETERNAL PAW PRINTS.
At Eternal Paw Prints, we feature a full line of urns, caskets, urn jewelry, memorials, keepsake urns, and information on cremation, pet cemeteries and burials.

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Tips on how to keep your pet healthy & happy! And oh so much more!
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A Note from Michelle... 

In 2002 when I first visited La Paz in Baja, Mexico I was enchanted by the warm, friendly people and the unsurpassed beauty of the setting on the Bay of La Paz.  But one thing I couldn’t ignore was the unbelievable number of street dogs.  Most female street dogs were pregnant, some dogs were starving, many were infested with ticks and mange, and others were treated poorly by locals who barely had enough to feed their own families.  At that time La Paz had no animal shelter or facility that could help these innocent, pregnant and sick dogs. 

When my husband and I bought a home there in 2003 we did what we could for many of the street dogs.  We always carried a huge bag of food in our back seat to share with any dog that looked hungry.  We kept a tub of water outside our front gate.  Many times we took dogs that were beyond help to the local veterinarian – most times to be put down.  We donated money to our vet to use to spay stray female dogs – which were again returned to the streets where it was survival of the fittest. 

I cried tears of joy when in October 2006 I met a wonderful woman – a canine saint actually, who had opened her arms and started the very first shelter for abused, homeless and sick dogs of La Paz.  Her name is Dhorea Ryon, and I could go on and on about the unending number of hours she donates, or the extraordinary amount of her own money that she contributes to the shelter every month, but if you click on the link below you can find out more information about her shelter, organization, and mission for ‘Baja Dogs Help Line of La Paz’. 

Dog Lover Gift Baskets will be contributing a percentage of all our profits to give all the help we can to this outstanding woman, her volunteers, and all the street dogs of La Paz.  We urge you to help if you can.  Any amount will help tremendously.  You will find a link to donate on her website.